Forty-two is a transaction based tax consultancy. This means that the majority of our income is earned by one-off consulting. There are not even a handful of small specialist practices who undertake this kind of consulting. The biggest professional firms make significant margins in this area in their key offices but they probably do not serve the entrepreneur market with the specialists in their main offices.

Forty-two has advised on a range of transactions since it was established in 1997. Our CV of some of the transactions we have worked on is given in the section of this site "How we know" In short we have been lucky in our clients and we have grown an important track record with them.

We advise mainly on corporate restructuring, the tax efficient of raising finance, corporate acquisitions, MBO's, MBI's, corporate disposals, new investment, employee and executive incentive trusts, non-residence and offshore issues, estate planning, disputes with the Revenue and support in settling tax avoidance cases.

This means that we have advised on taking public companies private, taking over public and private companies, selling companies and other significant assets, EIS rescues, demergers and fighting the Revenue.

Forty-two is run by Glyn Jones who has given the advice referred above. If we say we have done it, the person you are talking to has probably done it personally.

We also offer a service for taxpayers with complex tax returns.

See the page "How we know" to see what our experience has been.

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