We have been fortunate in the clients who have chosen us. If practice makes perfect, then if we have not quite achieved perfection, we have a weight of experience to bring to bear.


We have advised the management of Goldsmiths Jewellers on taking the public company private in 1999.

We have advised on demerging (sharing amongst the shareholders) the banking and insurance interests of a group of companies.

We have organised the rescue of a potentially failed EIS scheme for a small Aim listed  group in 2001.

We were the originators of the advice and strategy and the conductors of successful litigation in "Hicks v Davies" 2005 leading to an amendment of law in FA 2006 and changes to most tax treaties concluded by the UK.

We advised management on the sale of Goldsmiths jewellers to Baugar in 2004.

We advised the vendors on the sale of Midland Medical Technologies to Smith & Nephew at £100m in 2004.

We advised InterQuad Group and The Royal Bank of Scotland on the acquisition of quoted QA Group in 2006 and the taxation aspects of the related financing.

We advised on the refinancing of a retail group with an enterprise value of £150m in 2006.

We advised on the sale of the same group at an increased value ion 2013.

We have advised on the acquisition and break up of a transport group between 2011 and 2013.

In 2014 we advised on financing and disposal in the power industry and government services and on restructuring and dividing a group in the food industry.

In 2015 we have advised on transactions in the engineering industry and on-line retail and on restructuring and planning for disposals in the service industries.

By number, the value of most of our transactions are between £2 million and £20 million and include advice to CF practitioners, investors, managers and banks on finance raising, re-financing and exits.